The First Step to Fulfillment: Knowing Your Actual Desires Is Key Says Anet Janik

By | July 10, 2021

We hear all our lives that Fulfillment is an elusive state of being, something that we can maybe hold onto for a few months at a time. We assume that Fulfillment comes from money, buying things, traveling, or eating the dessert we never order at the restaurant. What we don’t realize is that Fulfillment is actually a state of existence, and something that can only be realized from within yourself and your soul.

You Already Contain Happiness

In fact, you were already born with the ability to be fulfilled, happy and rich. And more importantly, to be fulfilled in a way that is Fulfillment to you – Fulfillment means different things for different people. So buying more things, doing more things, and avoiding having conversations with yourselves is never going to make you happy. But the moment you introspectively reflect and allow yourself to realize your own desires, that is the moment when you can finally pursue real and true happiness.

Through Anet Janik business Desire Designer, she helping people around the world to familiarize themselves with their souls. “I meet countless business owners who have it all – wealth, fame, and fortune – yet they don’t have Fulfillment nor happiness. They know something is missing and they just can’t put their finger on it.” she says.

“I’ve lived portions of an unhappy life, growing up in a socialist regime, always out of touch with my divine purpose. It wasn’t until recently when I discovered that I could be fulfilled anywhere I am at any time, because I am in command of my own happiness. This discovery made me passionate about sharing it with other people who are lost in a sea of unhappiness.”

Successful people know how to give back, they know how to make and invest money, and they know how to innovate. They love learning, reading, and sharing their knowledge. But all of this does not fulfill their soul. They would like to finally realize themselves but are afraid to leave their track of success and enter unknown territory. They are afraid of cutting their income in half on a quest to know what they need out of life and would rather focus their time on what’s currently working for them. They end up on the same hamster wheel that they so feverishly tried to escape by working for themselves in the first place.

Expert Support is Available

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They don’t realize that there are experts that can help acquaint them with their real and true desires. Instead of working with a personal development coach by their side, who can help them curate the best version of themselves, they stick to what has made them wealthy to begin with, and completely jump over their true calling and purpose.

That’s why Anet coaches people in VIP, one-on-one coaching sessions, exploring their deepest desires they may have never shared with anyone. “By allowing themselves to open up to me, they can realize which limiting beliefs are holding them back from finding true Fulfillment. Too many business owners place an enormous amount of pressure on themselves to keep ‘winning’ and earning big money. Money is a useful tool, but it doesn’t bring us happiness.”

Only we can do that for ourselves.

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