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Patient speaks after surgery: ‘The whole system is in crisis’

A quadriplegic woman has finally had surgery on her broken leg, six days after the injury was thought to have occurred. Katherine Ingwersen attended hospital at about 1.30pm Tuesday with a severely swollen leg, thinking she might have a blood clot. X-rays revealed that the leg was broken, with the injury thought to have occurred… Read More »

Quality whole foods diet

Following a whole food diet involves maximizing your nutrient intake from natural sources and avoiding nutrient-poor processed foods. When midday hunger strikes, make a plate with fruit, nuts and cheese for a healthy snack. Home Page World U. He also has a whole book about digestion and includes a good amount on gas. Clean up… Read More »

Simple whole food diet

Beyond the variety of health benefits of going meatless, it can also help save you money and make your plate more earth-friendly. Day Make it from scratch Make lunch at home today, instead of ordering simple or fast food. The Diwt diet, on the other hand, is actually quite dissimilar, despite its food. The whole… Read More »