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Breakfast for weight loss ideas

Ideas the bagel with a handful of fiber-rich, for, and naturally sweet raspberries. A week study by the University of For found that rats fed antioxidant-rich tart cherries showed a 9 percent belly fat reduction over rats fed a “Western diet. It’s brexkfast a rich source of plant-based omega-3s and folate, which help reduce breakfast… Read More »

Top diet system for weight loss men

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. The benefits of weight loss and exercise include better self-esteem, more confidence and a better sex life. Write out your goal and keep it posted somewhere as a reminder when you want to give up. Naila Ruechel Getty Images. Offers multiple plans. The 10 Best Heart Healthy… Read More »

Why diet soda makes you gain weight

Recently, I cut all added sugar from my diet for an entire week. For my experiment, I also banned artificial sweeteners. Well, first of all, it felt like a cop out. But mostly, it’s because emerging research suggests the fake stuff can have some of the same drawbacks as real sugar —like being not so… Read More »