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How to follow a vegan diet

Good vegan iron sources include legumes, sunflower seeds, dried raisins, and dark, leafy greens. Recipe: Make your own quick, to-go foods like this Peanut Tofu Wrap. Aleisha Fetters. A quick search will provide you with thousands of tasty vegan recipes across different cuisines and with tons of different vegan foods and cooking methods — from… Read More »

Omega 3 on raw vegan diet

Bio Latest Posts. There is an optimal balance between these two that should be maintained, if not it can cause many health issues. Chia seed pudding, and another chia pudding. The American Heart Association has recommended that people with high risk of heart disease possibly supplement with fish oil, prompting a giant fish-oil supplements industry.… Read More »

Instant pot vegan diet

I strongly believe that most people have enough and do not actually need more stuff in their lives… and if they do, those items can almost certainly be procured second-hand from a relative, friend, thrift store, or classified ads such as Craigslist. Do you know what is my now-favorite way to use the Instant Pot?… Read More »

Feeling dehydrated on a vegan diet

Being vegan is supposed to be healthy, but there’s a big mistake among the vegan community that is chronic and will have a negative effect long-term. This condition is chronic dehydration. Hydrating is more than just drinking eight glasses of water a day, which is why many vegans have gotten into poor habits when it… Read More »

Amounts to eat on raw vegan diet

Many foods typically consumed on a cooked vegan diet can be made raw. A new species of primate has been discovered in Myanmar, and it is already extremely endangered. Crazy Delicious Raw Pad Thai. Some foods become more digestible after cooking because the fibrous portion is broken down. I eat 3 meals a day on… Read More »