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Best diet for blood type o positive

Despite what the weight-loss industry will tell you, dieting is about finding what eating style works best with your individual physiology. The Blood Type Diet is one system that attempts to do that. The premise of naturopathic physician Peter J. D’Adamo’s Eat Right 4 Your Type is that you have a unique genetic makeup predisposing… Read More »

Type 1 diabetic keto diet

Additionally, his books and online resources provide more in-depth and individualized guidance for those who have type 1 diabetes and want to transition to a low-carb lifestyle safely. Even though this review is not about exercise, we want to underline in the conclusion that diet and exercise are both vitally important to good health in… Read More »

Lectins blood type diet

It also allows being able to heal the digestive tract. The blood type diet postulates that your blood group determines what you can eat based on when each blood group emerged in history. Sad but true, the blood type diet is one of them. It is amazing but true that today, in the twenty first… Read More »

Mediterranean diet diabetes type 2

Substances Blood Glucose Dietary Carbohydrates. Daily Diabetes 1, calories, 55 g protein, g carbohydrates, 31 g fiber, 51 g fat, 1, mg sodium. First, it’s food diet for clear skin. It can have anti-inflammatory effects, which diet it can lower risk of other chronic conditions. Choose whole-grain breads, rolls, tortillas, and diabetes. To make it… Read More »

Keto diet type 2

Low-carb and ketogenic diets are popular among clinicians and patients, but the appropriateness of reducing carbohydrates intake in obese patients and in patients with diabetes is still debated. Studies in the literature are indeed controversial, possibly because these diets are generally poorly defined; this, together with the intrinsic complexity of dietary interventions, makes it difficult… Read More »