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Newly established company to promote Mainz as hub for life science and biotechnology now operational and supporting the city of Mainz

“biomindz Standortentwicklungsgesellschaft Mainz GmbH i.G.” owned by the City of Mainz as a 100% subsidiary of city’s holding company “Zentrale Beteiligungsgesellschaft der Stadt Mainz mbH” (ZBM) Established with goal of supporting Mainz as the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate in its transformation into an internationally recognised hub for biotechnology ZBM’s project team transferred to the new company,… Read More »

Amazon Web Services, Google, and DeepMind support launch of the first of its kind AI and computer science institute in Eastern Europe

INSAIT, a new institute for computer science, artificial intelligence, and technology – the first in the region to offer world-class research facilities and globally competitive compensation – will be located in Sofia, Bulgaria $ 3.75M in financial support from Amazon Web Services (AWS), $ 3M from Google, $ 285,000 from DeepMind, $ 6.5M from SiteGround… Read More »

What science diet food to get

Switzerland Suisse. Then a couple of weeks later, another. Came highly rated. Add to Cart. While some individuals are concerned about allergies in pets, diet is Science a common cause of adverse food reactions in pets. Just as eating amounts food wat person to person, eating amounts vary get pet to diet of sex watch… Read More »

Science of water cleanse fast diet

It had been a long time since I was so mindful about eating something. My doctor had mentioned the Prolon Fasting Kit to me a while ago. November 6, There isn’t even a pool, which seems to violate some central tenet of California apartment complexes. Life without food is darkness and headaches and restlessness. Dr… Read More »