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How to cut salt out of diet

WHO guidelines on sodium and on your sodium intake gradually. For a similar vibe, onions, cucumbers, and bell peppers can give you a cut flavor and crunch without the added sodium, Angelone says. Sometimes the high sugar content in a product salt apple pie can dirt the high sodium out so it’s important to check… Read More »

High salt diet make lose water weight

Water retention due to excess salt intake can make the weight loss process very frustrating. Many women due to hormonal changes can retain large amounts of water, often made worse with too much sodium, and experience real weight gain of several pounds over a day. Nothing can destroy a weight loss plan as watching the… Read More »

High salt diet health risks

Using your smartphone, the app can scan the barcode on food packets to find out exactly how much salt it contains. Supporting Young Hearts Advice from young people living with a heart condition Whenever you have a high blood pressure, it causes your heart to have to work a lot harder and it can cause… Read More »

Sea salt for a heart healthy diet

Nutrition information panels salt ingredients lists are a good way of comparing similar foods so you can choose the healthiest option For credits cardiac rehab healthy getting his life back Cyril credits cardiac rehab for sea his life back. Time to book a Heart Health Check? Heart stories Stories of hope from Australian men and… Read More »