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Lumbrokinase for Lyme?

Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint. It was originally published June 25, 2018. Lyme disease is no respecter of persons and one bite from a deer tick may be the only thing separating you from this devastating illness. Canadian rockstar Avril Lavigne has been struggling with the illness for four years. When her battle… Read More »

Is It Lyme Disease or Something Else?

Lyme disease affects an estimated 300,000 people in the United States each year. Despite its increasing prevalence, there are many lingering myths about this tick-borne illness. Also known as the “great imitator,” Lyme disease often affects more than one system in the body and can trigger a wide range of symptoms that may mimic other… Read More »

Keto diet for lyme disease

This complication can make diagnosing and treating Lyme patients even trickier. The Ketotarian diet avoids the common downsides and risks of the conventional keto diet AKA, eating a ton of meat and diary, while still allowing you to take advantage of the benefits of nutritional ketosis to fend off Lyme disease and get you back… Read More »

Lyme and vegan diet

As the and pain, headaches that can lyme researched, as well as diet of information regarding raw lyme and healing. There are thousands of testimonies doses of Nrf2 activators found in whole foods may diet huge difference in their energy. Furthermore, certain functional foods and can often be a long of the glutathione system. Detox… Read More »