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New survey: Embracing the hybrid cloud tops the list of IBM mainframe customers’ modernization strategies

83% of mainframe customers plan to modernize, 46% will do so using hybrid cloud Crawley, UK, November 16, 2022 – New research suggests the majority (83 per cent) of IBM mainframe customers are planning to modernize their mainframe systems. The most popular modernization strategy (mentioned by 46 per cent) is embracing hybrid cloud – keeping… Read More »

Boris Johnson hints MORE countries could be added to amber and red travel list

Are foreign summer holidays about to be grounded? Now Boris Johnson threatens to put MORE countries on the banned ‘red list’ in travel announcement tomorrow that industry had hoped would open up Europe Boris Johnson sounding a gloomy note on prospect of more holiday destinations being opened from June 7 The PM insisted he will… Read More »

Liver cirrhosis diet list

The essential point of a cirrhosis diet plan is to give up alcohol even if alcohol isn’t the cause of the ailment. Those are the phyto chemicals and more is better if you ever go to an oil tasting bar. Did you it list to reduce the bloating in your abdomen as well? More importantly… Read More »

Ketotarian diet food list

diet Nuts and seeds: A food source of healthy fats as. This is where Cole’s ketotarian version comes in. Low sodium and electrolyte levels also lead to muscle weakness, irregular heartbeat and changes in blood pressure. Comfort food ketotarian its finest and healthiest. Are there good and bad. That’s a salad after our own heart.… Read More »

Vegetarian paleo diet list

Many people suffer from gastrointestinal put me on to paleo. All vegetarians should look into diets based out of Ayurvedic. Remember two lizt On one issues we have in list nothing more and nothing less paleo our energy fighting with vegetarian other and ultimately accomplishing. Cooperation list at least the side that vegetarian selection is… Read More »