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Harvard Medical School professor discusses future of psychedelics

Interest in psychedelics as therapeutics has risen in recent years, spurred by studies that have found that the once-maligned drugs used in conjunction with therapy can help in the treatment of psychiatric patients. Amid a rush to commercialize a suite of newly developed products, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has begun a new Center for the… Read More »

Harvard Medical School expert explains ‘long COVID’

As public health officials race to vaccinate Americans amid the rapid spread of viral variants, physicians and scientists are turning their attention to a growing population of those who seem locked into COVID-19’s misery months after the acute phase has passed. These so-called “COVID long-haulers” or sufferers of “long COVID” are those who continue to… Read More »

Fatty liver and diet harvard medical school

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital are seeking noninvasive ways to distinguish steatosis from NASH, including biomarkers in the blood that can indicate whether someone is at high risk and ultrasound and MRI techniques called elastography for the detection of inflammation and scarring. Once you resume a normal diet, the weight will likely return. At least… Read More »