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Covid vaccine update: Johnson & Johnson jab investigated for blood clots

Four cases of rare clots with low platelets were reported after inoculation with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) confirmed. Also known as Janssen, the Covid vaccine initially proved 67 percent effective against the notorious virus in clinical trials. The one-shot jab has been rolled out across Europe and America in… Read More »

Best diet for blood type o positive

Despite what the weight-loss industry will tell you, dieting is about finding what eating style works best with your individual physiology. The Blood Type Diet is one system that attempts to do that. The premise of naturopathic physician Peter J. D’Adamo’s Eat Right 4 Your Type is that you have a unique genetic makeup predisposing… Read More »

Coughing up blood while on diet

Hemoptysis refers to coughing up blood from some part of the lungs respiratory tract. Blood coming from elsewhere, such as your stomach, can appear to be from the lungs. It’s important for your doctor to determine the site of the bleeding, and then determine why you’re coughing up blood. The major cause of coughing up… Read More »

Lectins blood type diet

It also allows being able to heal the digestive tract. The blood type diet postulates that your blood group determines what you can eat based on when each blood group emerged in history. Sad but true, the blood type diet is one of them. It is amazing but true that today, in the twenty first… Read More »