Diet pepsi now free of

By | June 10, 2021

diet pepsi now free of

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Pepsi is getting rid of aspartame, the artificial sweetener and sugar substitute that has been an ingredient in Diet Pepsi for decades. Today the company announced that the change will come later this year. Aspartame will be removed from every Diet Pepsi brand, including the regular product, its caffeine-free alternative, and Diet Pepsi Cherry. And while there’s nothing natural about those ingredients either, they don’t carry the same health controversies and unknowns that’ve dogged aspartame also known as NutraSweet for years. It’s one of the most throughly tested ingredients in the world, but assurances from the FDA and the agency’s international counterparts that aspartame is safe for human consumption have done little to shine up its reputation. Can it cause cancer? Does it actually contribute to people gaining weight — the opposite purpose of diet cola? Can you taste it?

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