Cat keeps throwing up diet food

By | February 21, 2021

cat keeps throwing up diet food

I have a 14 year a common and often one owned since I adopted him. If you suspect that your cat or any pet has eaten something poisonous, call your vet or the Pet Poison Helpline immediately. .

Every cat owner recognizes the warning signs of an upset feline stomach: the mournful meow, gagging and the heaving retch. The scenario is a familiar one for Cynthia Bowen of Cleveland, Ohio. As the owner of four Maine Coons, Bowen has cleaned her share of messes. Although it’s not a pleasant subject, vomiting is something cats seem to do on cue. Knowing what triggers an upset stomach and what you can do about it will make for a better relationship with your cat. Two other frequent causes of an upset stomach are eating too fast and curiosity. Cats sometimes eat too much too fast. When the stomach wall expands too quickly, a signal is sent to the brain to cause regurgitation. In these cases, the mess on your floor is from regurgitation, not actual vomiting. When a cat regurgitates, she brings up fluid and food from her esophagus by opening her mouth — unlike vomiting, which involves gagging and retching. Regurgitated food is still formed and may smell fermented. It could be caused by esophageal problems, obstruction of the digestive tract, hairballs or dehydration.

Diet throwing up food keeps cat

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