30 day juice diet

By | April 5, 2021

30 day juice diet

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Juice fasting has been sweeping the social media for a couple of years now. On top of that, sticking it out and going through with a juice cleanse helps you get through the night without constant tossing and turning and packs a ton of other health benefits which we break down later in the article. While the most popular fasts last for up to a week, some people claim that you can effectively survive on a juice fast for a whole month, and not only shed your excess pounds, but improve your overall well-being. Is it true, and can you safely get rid of that belly fat with a 30 day juice fast weight loss plan? Read below to find out. Advocates of juice cleansing claim it delivers a bevy of health benefits. Most of these, however, are entirely unsubstantiated. In fact, all possible health benefits juice fasting provides is due to the increased intake of fruits and veggies — but eliminating all other foods makes it worse for your body, not better. The evidence suggests the contrary — you absolutely need fiber to support your digestive system 2. Some antioxidants present in the fiber are also lost when you make a juice. By removing the fiber content, sugar travels faster in your bloodstream and might increase your blood glucose levels. Still, juices as such are a very healthy add-on to your balanced diet.

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